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Brandem Became the Member of e-Residency Marketplace!

Brandem Became the Member of e-Residency Marketplace!

Carina Kärt Mättikas
27. september, 2019

The hiring process, that might already seem like a significant burden to the regular company owners, establishes even more complicated barriers to the e-residents. After all, attracting the perfect candidate is a science that requires knowing the preferences and habits of your target audience, having a clear messaging and the ability to sell your company based on its strengths and values; and doing that efficiently in a new market as an e-Resident is quite tricky.  

But wait, what exactly is e-Residency? 

The term itself comprises a few meanings but it is fundamentally a program that allows you to establish an Estonian company online. Once you’ve done that, you’ll be granted a government-issued digital identity and a status of e-Residency (that is the other meaning of it) which gives you the access to Estonia’s online services and transparent business environment from anywhere in the world. Estonia can be proud of being the first country to offer such a possibility. Additionally, the programme website notes that the success of e-Residency depends on everyone in its ecosystem which includes the public sector, voluntary organisations, private companies and the e-residents themselves, making it a symbiosis where everyone has an important role. 

Why us then? 

It is evident that recruiting people for an online company that can be managed from anywhere in the world can be complicated and requires extra effort when done alone. Which is precisely the reason why we decided to jump into the virtual wonderland of e-Residency to offer our guidance and services. As the Estonian job market is highly competitive, the perfect business partner for the e-residents should be an organisation that has a good overview of the situation and is able to assist them in establishing their core messages and taking them through the hiring process without a hassle. So, since Brandem is the only company in Estonia that has combined the competencies of efficient recruitment and marketing techniques, we can be sure to deliver the best results for the e-residents as well.   

Even those members who do not yet plan to source new workforce or do headhunting in Estonia, might still benefit from our marketing services like brand image building, company video creation and internal communication. Having completed over 150 projects including with many known companies such as ABB, DPD, Tieto, Elisa, DS Smith among others, we believe our performance is well-qualified for the government programme. 

What’s the future like? 

With becoming the e-Residency Marketplace Member, Brandem aims to enhance the quality of e-Residency and offer an opportunity for the e-residents to use the local professionals in successfully recruiting the most suitable candidates.  

Wish to know more? Contact Marie at marie@brandem.ee. 

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